Stainless Steel Tanks, Industrial Water Chillers & Equipment – Melbourne

Stainless Steel Tanks – New & Second hand. Single skin, insulated, jacketed, vertical or horizontal configurations, sizes from 10 – 100,000 litre, all grades of stainless steel available. Batch pasteurisers in sizes from 50 litre up to 500 litre.

Heating & Cooling Systems – State of the art air cooled water chillers in sizes from 7 – 217kw (larger chillers on request). Water heaters and temperature control systems to suit temperatures up to 350ºC. Stainless Steel Fittings – BSM, BSP, Tri-Clover, Spray-balls, Butterfly Valves, Sample Taps,

Tube Bends & Tees and more. Fabrication services available to customise fittings, connections and tanks to food grade standards. Wash (CIP) Systems – Fully automatic recirculating wash systems to suit stainless steel tanks of all sizes. Heat Recovery Systems – Get “free” hot water from your waste heat; can be installed on most refrigeration systems including cool rooms, milk vat cooling and chillers. 3 Phase Power Converters – Change your single phase (240V or 480V) into three phase 415V. Run any 3 phase machinery from welders to multiple motor loads and even CNC.