Standard sizes available 50lt, 100lt, 300lt, & 500lt.
•Fully programmable controller

•Inbuilt heating elements in bain-marie jacket

•2 cooling jackets for multi-stage cooling

•Stainless steel construction

•Data logging system

•Product and head space temperature probes

•Optional cheese cutting blades

This multi-purpose machine employs a temperature control system in order to set, check and maintain the temperature for food products requiring a controlled heating and cooling cycle, for example the fermentation of starter culture in the production of cheese curds. The design makes it suitable for pasteurising milk and making cheese in one tank which reduces the space used in small production rooms and the cost in purchasing & maintaining multiple tanks.


500lt Batch Pasteuriser

The temperature control system allows for 10 different product (recipe) cycles to be programmed in and stored for the various cheeses or other products being processed in the tank. During operation the system displays cycle information in real time on a LED screen including; the program selected, current product temperature, elapsed time during the current phase, secondary temperature probe (i.e. head space) and the bain-marie jacket water temperature.

Along with managing temperature the control system will operate the tanks product agitator/mixer as required, it also records the temperature cycle from multiple probes (i.e. head space & product) to a USB stick, this data can be downloaded into an excel spreadsheet template to be viewed and graphed.

The bain-marie style water filled jacket is heated during the heating phase, once this is completed cold water is introduced into the jacket through an electric solenoid activated by the temperature control system. This cold water supply is typically tap or tank water and allows the product in the tank to be cooled to a temperature suitable; to begin fermentation or for further cooling as detailed below.

A dimple jacket for chilled water cooling is optional and makes this tank ideal for batch pasteurising milk and other products requiring cooling to lower temperatures than can be achieved with the available cold water supply. This requires an external glycol/water chiller to supply the chilled water necessary for cooling the product to below 4°C. The supply of this chilled water is activated by the temperature control system at the appropriate time based on the selected product cycle. Some dairy regulations require the final milk chilling to 4°C be done by an external plate heat exchanger, to meet cooling time regulations.

The tank can be used as a cheese vat with optional cheese cutting and whey draining systems available. The standard design of the tank is very accessible with the two lids and agitator/mixing blade being removable and the agitator/mixing motor pivoting to one side once the safety pin is removed.


The heating options are:

  • ELECTRIC heating elements, size and number depend on the size of the tank and product being processed.
  • STEAM heat exchanger, solenoid valve operated by the control unit.
  • HOT WATER heat exchanger, solenoid valve operated by the control unit.

Other features include:

  • 2” butterfly valve outlet
  • 4 adjustable legs
  • Spray ball for CIP (optional)
30 Litre Mini Pasteuriser
500lt Cheese vat
500lt cheese vat cutting blades
Cheese Vats

Our range of cheese vats come in sizes from 100lt up to 1,500lt. Vats can be square or horizontal oval shape & can be custom made to suit your needs. Vats can have standard mixing blades or cutting blades & the agitator system can be controlled via the control panel with VSD fitted for travelling & mixer speed control.