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Cracking a beer is easy, but there’s a whole lot of science, craftsmanship, and patience that goes into every drop.

With the runaway popularity of small-batch craft beer and home-brewing, more and more people are discovering the mysteries of beer-making. So what goes into making your favourite beverage?

The basic principles of brewing are simple, but coaxing different flavours out of the brew is an art, and the possibilities are endless.

We do not pretend to know all about the brewing process; but what we do know about is the design, supply & installation of hygienic brew tanks & chilling systems (including the “Worksafe” design registration).

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3D Cad Drawings Available

Available Brewing Tanks

Full Brewhouse


Brite Tanks

Beer Fermenter / Fermentation Tank

Our range of hygienic Jacketed Conical Fermentation Tanks (Beer Fermenters) are available from 1 Barrel to 100 Barrels.  The conical fermentation tanks have a dish top with a cylindrical body.  The 60 Degree conical bottom is ideal for fermenting and improving the quality of beer as well as breeding yeast.  All tanks are food-grade stainless steel 304 with a 3 mm thickness for 3BBL-70BBL, while larger tanks have a 4 mm thickness.  The cooling system is a dimple jacket tested to 6 bar with a working pressure of 5 bar and the tanks are insulated with high-density polyurethane. All tanks are designed for up to 15 PSI (internal pressure) and tested at 30 PSI.  The inside of the tanks are polished to Ra>.22um and the outside is a brushed/satin finish. Unlike most other tanks, ours come with full Worksafe approval.

Special orders may be placed along with custom features to your specifications.

Features include:
–         25% Head Space above the working volume;
–         100% Stainless Steel 304 Construction;
–         Shadowless Manway
–         Spray Ball with CIP Line
–         1″ Rotating Racking Arm with 1 1/2″ TC Butterfly      Valve
–         Thermometer with Thermowell
–         Sample Valve
–         3mm Thick s/s
–         60 Degree Conical Bottom
–         2 extra 1 1/2″ ferules on top for accessories
–         Dimple Jacketed, Insulated.
–         Hygienic

Optional Features:
–         Pressure Relief/Vacuum Valve Available
–         Carbon Stone Available
–         Extra Ferules installed per ferule 1″ thru 3″ sizes
–         Sight Level Glass with 2 valves Installed;
–         Oval Manway 430mm x 330mm (550mm x 430mm) with Seal on side;

3BBL Fermenter

Technical parameters

Working volume (L)
Dimension of tank (D×h)mm
Total height (H)mm
Diameter of inlet & outlet (mm)
PU Insulation (mm)
Manway Size (mm)
500 Φ800×800 1750 Φ38 50 440×320
1000 Φ1000×1200 2200 Φ38 50 440×320
1500 Φ1100×1400 2500 Φ38 50 550×430
2000 Φ1200×1500 2700 Φ38 50 550×430
3000 Φ1400×1700 3150 Φ51 50 550×430
4000 Φ1500×2100 3450 Φ51 50 550×430
5000 Φ1600×2200 3590 Φ51 50 550×430
6000 Φ1700×2200 3650 Φ51 50 550×430
8000 Φ1800×2700 4350 Φ51 50 550×430
10000 Φ2000×2800 4450 Φ51 50 550×430